Court Solidarity With Union Cultural Center 16 – Demand the Prosecutor Drop the Charges!

3 Jan

On December 3rd, around 4 a.m., sixteen participants of Occupy Seattle were arrested in a former community center at 10th and Union during an action to reclaim public space. Now they need your help. See the original press release for more info

Court Solidarity—Show up to court dates of the UCC 16 to express your support for the defendants. This is helpful both for the morale of the defendants and to show the court that the community is behind the defendants. This is also very helpful for those interested in direct actions to get familiarized with the legal processes and the court system. You can track the court dates of the UCC 16 at on the Calendar and soon on the upcoming Court Solidarity tab.

Call the Prosecutors—By calling the prosecutors it is possible to put enough political pressure on them to drop the case. Please call and ask for all charges to be dropped against all of the UCC 16. The idea here is to have enough people express that they will not be voting for either of the prosecutors in any future elections if they decide to follow through with the charges. Perhaps express that you do not want people representing Seattle who are willing to press criminal charges against those who are acting with the best interests of the community in mind.

Chief Criminal Prosecutor:
Craig Sims:  206-684-7771

City Attorney (elected official):
Pete Holmes: 206-684-8288


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