Chase: Climate Criminals

18 Feb

Evidence to consider before the Chase 5 Trial/Actions.


Chase Bank is a climate criminal corporation. It has been listed as the “Top Climate Killing Bank” on Earth.

More than any other bank in the world, Chase funds the global coal industry, according to an exhaustive study released at the December, 2011 Durban Climate Conference. This study by NGOs Urgewald (Germany), Banktrack (international), and Earthlife (Africa) documents that Chase has invested $22B in worldwide coal industries since 2005.

Emissions from coal combustion are the largest source of human-made greenhouse gases causing and stoking climate change. Climate change has caused devastating conditions—including unprecedented heat waves, tornados, and historic floods and droughts—in the United States, Europe, Africa, Australia, the Arctic, and Asia. These extreme conditions have already directly killed thousands of humans and other species, caused record property damage losses, crippled agriculture in vast areas, triggered regional famine, and helped spawn war in sub-Saharan Africa.

The December study illustrates how global funding of the coal industry has doubled since 2005 despite Chase and other major international banks claiming so-called “green” credentials.

If banks continue to fund coal projects at this pace, said Heffa Schuckling of Urgewald, “…they will wreck all attempts to limit global warming to 2C.” 2C is widely considered to be the “tipping point” in global temperature rise, beyond which lies runaway and, potentially, catastrophic climate change.

Chase Bank is also a leading financier of mountaintop removal (MTR) for coal in Appalachia. MTR is the practice of using massive amounts of high explosives to literally blow the tops off mountains to expose coal veins for extraction. MTR has already destroyed more than 400 mountains in Appalachia, polluted thousands of miles of streams and rivers, and caused the evacuations of whole towns.


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