March 1: Next Pre-Trial Date for Martin in Olympia

18 Feb

Probably due to the prosecution’s lack of evidence on his obstruction charge from Occupy The Capitol actions, they have set yet another pre-trial hearing at 1:30pm on March 1 at the Thurston County District Court, 2000 Lakeridge Drive SW  OLYMPIA.

Support Martin by showing up to his hearing and by calling  Joseph Wheeler, Thurston County Prosecutor on this case (360) 786-5540 to demand the charges be dropped.

If you witnessed Martin’s arrest, he is requesting  many notarized witness statements in order to request the charges be dismissed before trial.


One Response to “March 1: Next Pre-Trial Date for Martin in Olympia”

  1. Dana Walker February 29, 2012 at 1:50 pm #

    I was there and I remember this well; Martin was very loud and very articulate but otherwise he was not doing anything the rest of us weren’t also doing. Martin was also black, which often has huge import in situations like this. He was obviously targeted as he was the first arrested (indeed, Martin’s arrest was the point at which we knew they were going to start arresting people) and they had to go around and through several hundred other people in order to get to Martin. In addition he was the only person detained inside the rotunda who was ever actually charged with anything. I will sign any legal document saying these things.

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