“Chase Emergency”: Occupy Oakland Shuts Down Chase and Union Bank branches

23 Feb

Occupy Oakland Foreclosure Defense Group are fighting Chase and Union Bank to defend an Oakland resident against foreclosure.  Chase is servicing a home loan for Union Bank.  In the course of their march yesterday, both bank branches were shut down.

*Article from Inside Bay Area.

*From Boots Riley

Yesterday,Occupy Oakland marched to Union Bank, physically held the doors open as security tried to shut them on us, and forced a meeting between Katie Mitchell and the bank manager.Katie Mitchell is facing foreclosure and has been trying to get her loan modified. She hadn’t been able to get a meeting with the bank for 3 years.They met with her only when we showed up and forced the issue.They are saying they’ll let her know their answer by Friday, but will most likely give her the runaround.This fight is definitely not over. Stay tuned, because we will stop any auction or action the bank tries to do.We also passed out fliers for an hour with tremendous support from onlookers and passers-by.

We need you to join us in these actions, because the more successful they are, the more people are willing to stand up to the banks and to the 1%.

For folks that are interested in direct action that changes lives, has tremendous community support, empowers and incites, and teaches the world about class struggle- this is an important thing to be involved in.

For more information on getting involved email Brooke at grouchosuave@gmail.com


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